Rules & Regulations


General Information

  1. The 5 Digit World Cup 2024 (5WC2024) is a country-based, world cup style tournament played in the osu! game mode.
  2. This is a 4v4 team-based tournament with a minimum team size of 6 and a maximum team size of 8, with up to 3 optional reserves. Reserves may only be used in the event a main member of the 6-8 person roster is screened for some reason. Reserves are a way for us to not overload the osu! tournament screening system.
  3. The rank range is #10,000 - #99,999 after the badge-weighted seeding (BWS) is applied to a participant's rank using the formula described in the Registration section.
  4. The tournament will be played in TeamVS , ScoreV2 with NF enforced.
  5. Mappools will be released and showcased the Monday before the next round of matches takes place.
  6. All times on the sheets will be in UTC+0.

Key Changes

  1. The BWS formula is now standard, and badges from before Jan 1, 2021 do not count.
  2. Players may only play for the country listed on their profile flag, unless specifically listed otherwise in this document.
  3. Changes have been made to the mappool structures & freemod rules.
  4. No FM in qualifiers.
  5. Warmups are prohibited.


  1. Players must play for the country displayed on their profile flag unless otherwise noted here.
  2. Violations of rules from our Discord server will impact your standing in the tournament. The rules on this document extend to cover our Discord server which is viewed as an official communications platform, as is osu!Bancho, and will be treated as such.
  3. Players and staff are expected to uphold the osu! community rules at all times.
  4. Administration reserves the right to punish - as they see fit on a case-by-case basis - toxicity, obscene language, slurs, and other derogatory language or behavior displayed in any match chat, community, or social media platform, including but not limited to osu!, Twitch, Discord, X (formerly Twitter), and private messages therein.
    1. This rule is intentionally vague. Basically, administration reserves the right to moderate the community however they wish.
  5. Multiaccounting, cheating, and other foul play is not allowed.
  6. Should a player be restricted for foul play while the tournament is ongoing, administration reserves the right to disqualify teams entirely and replay the bracket history in a fashion appropriate based on the stage of the tournament.
  7. Custom skin elements must not be used such that they alter core gameplay elements or mechanics in unintended ways.
  8. If a map is to be replayed for any reason (aborted by referee, etc.) the roster must remain the same. If the match was aborted due to a player experiencing a technical or personal issue so severe that they are unable to play osu!, the team may swap that player out for another player on the roster.
  9. If a player disconnects from the match, their score will count as zero (0) unless adequate proof of a “last known score” is provided. Some examples are:
    1. Screenshot of the score results screen using the osu! web screenshot tool (Shift+F12)
    2. Livestream, VOD, or other recording of the score (this includes 5WC streams)
    3. A replay file
  10. Players are expected to keep the match running smoothly without delay. Harassment of staff members, toxicity towards other teams, and/or other language in chat or smoke that violates the community rules will result in immediate disqualification, pertinent to the judgment of administration.
  11. Instructions from referees and administration must be followed.
  12. Referees may be lenient or strict with the timers at their discretion, pertinent to the rules laid out in Match Procedures - Timers & Timeouts.
  13. Administration reserves the right to alter these rules at any point. This is a living document. Any changes are guaranteed to be announced through an official channel at the time of change.
  14. Administration may request a liveplay or recordings of individual players or teams at any moment without warning.


  1. bwsRank = curRank ^ (0.9937 ^ (badges ^ 2))
    1. Badges from before Jan 1, 2021 do not count in this formula.
    2. View this graph on Desmos
  2. Registrants will individually visit and must login via osu! and Discord.
  3. There will be no rank buffer. You must be exactly within the rank range, after BWS, once the registration period ends.
  4. Once registrations are closed, the rank restriction is lifted.
  5. Any member of staff is not allowed to take part in the tournament.
    1. Eliminated players may apply to join as a staff member (potential roles listed here), should a need arise.
  6. All players and country organizers must remain in the Discord server
  7. If a player did not register for the tournament during the registration phase, they will not be allowed to play in the tournament. There will be no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances.

Changing Country

  1. As this is a country-based tournament, players will be automatically registered to the country associated with their osu! profile flag.
  2. Territories from this list who are unable to form a team with 6 or more players will automatically be merged with the country they are known to depend on. These players are then eligible for roster selection to play for the country they merge into.
    1. Players with a flag generic to their continent (such as "European Union") or other flag where the country of registration is impossible to identify (such as "Anonymous Proxy") must deliver proof of residence to the admin team.

Country Organizers

  1. A country organizer is responsible for registering their country's team through the organizer dashboard on the website.
  2. Country organizers will be selected by the Host.
  3. Country organizers who are not also registered players are not allowed to join the lobby or make decisions on behalf of their team under any circumstances.
  4. Country organizers who are not the registered team captain should never submit reschedule requests or otherwise act as the captain in any way.
  5. It is the country organizer's responsibility to try out registrants and select the most competitive roster possible, per their discretion.
  6. Country organizers may choose whether to play. They do not have to be the team captain, however they must select one.
  7. Countries with fewer than 6 registrants will not be able to qualify. There will not be a "countryless" team.
    1. Exception: see Rules - Changing Country - 9
  8. Country organizers are responsible for selecting legitimate players. Those who appear to be multi-accounting or cheating despite passing screening will be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.
    1. In extreme cases, this can result in the entire team’s disqualification.
  9. If any core member of the team gets screened, country organizers are allowed to replace those players with any non-screened reserve player until the start of Qualifiers.

Qualifier Procedures

  1. Qualifiers will be played in Head to Head, ScoreV2 with NF enforced.
  2. Only 4 players per team will be able to play Qualifiers at the same time.
  3. The whole team does not need to be present to play qualifiers so long as 4 players are present.
  4. Every country will play the qualifiers with the Top 32 scoring countries advancing to the Round of 32, seeded based on Z-Sum.
  5. Qualifiers will consist of 5xNM, 3xHD, 3xHR and 3xDT.
  6. Qualifiers will be played in order beginning with NM1 and ending with DT3.
  7. Qualifiers will be played through only once.
  8. If a player disconnects during a map due to a technical issue, they're allowed to replay that map once.
    1. A team is allotted exactly one disconnect redo.
    2. Roster changes cannot occur unless the disconnected player is having an issue so severe that they cannot participate in the redo. In this case, only the disconnected player may be replaced.
    3. Further disconnects will result in a score of zero (0) for that player, regardless of incident.
  9. All players will be playing the same qualifiers mappool.
  10. All teams will be able to schedule their own qualifier lobbies within the weekend and we will assign a referee to that lobby if possible.

Qualifier Timers

  1. Teams that are more than 5 minutes late to their qualifier lobby will need to reschedule.
  2. Teams have 120 seconds between maps to change players.

Match Procedures

  1. Teams will receive a notification of their match 15 minutes before the scheduled time by their designated referee.
    1. If you do not receive a prompt notification, please ping your referee in Discord and then notify an admin if there are subsequent issues getting the match started.
  2. Lateness to a match is defined as a team not having four players in the lobby by the time the match is scheduled to begin.
  3. Teams who are 5 minutes late will forfeit their protection, ban(s), and first pick.
  4. Teams who are 10 minutes late will forfeit the match entirely.
    1. Common sense will be applied if both teams agree to delay the match to a later time due to unforeseen circumstances.
  5. In the unlikely event that both teams do not have enough players to play the match after 10 minutes, the higher seeded team will win by default.
  6. All matches will be played in TeamVS with ScoreV2 and NF enforced.
  7. If a player disconnects during a map due to a technical issue, they're allowed to replay that map once.
    1. A team is allotted exactly one disconnect abort.
    2. Further disconnects will not be cause for a match abort.
  8. Decisions such as rolls, protections, and bans must be submitted by the captain. The rest of the team may pick maps on behalf of the captain. If a player says a map name or mod combo (e.g. HD2), and it is their team's pick, that map will be played as if it was selected by the captain.
  9. Common sense will be applied to mispicks. Correcting a mispick after the pick timer has finished is prohibited.
  10. Teams may enact a replacement captain on the fly should the actual captain be absent for whatever reason. This must be posted in Discord and told to the referee. This person must be a registered player of the team.
  11. Split or asynchronous lobbies are not allowed.


  1. Warm-ups are not allowed.


  1. Captains will each !roll once when prompted by their referee.
  2. The winner of the roll will protect second, ban first, and pick first.
    1. If there is a tie, both captains will reroll until the tie is broken.
    2. The winner is determined by who rolls the higher number.
  3. Rolls made by non-captains do not count unless explicitly written beforehand by one of the players on the team. If any indication is made that a non-captain will roll, the first roll made by that team will count as the team's roll.


  1. Any map that is protected cannot be banned.
  2. Each team will be given 1 map protection at the start of the match throughout all rounds.
  3. A protected map may be picked by either team at any point.


  1. Bans are ABBA.
  2. Outside of protections, there are no ban restrictions.


  1. Maps that are banned cannot be picked.
  2. Picks are ABAB.
  3. There are otherwise no picking restrictions.

Timers & Timeouts

  1. Teams will have 120 seconds to protect, ban, and pick maps.
  2. Teams will have 120 seconds to ready up after a map has been selected.
  3. Referees are given discretion, within reason, to enforce timers as they see fit. Referees who do not enforce timers, or who enforce timers in an obviously biased fashion, should be reported to the administration team immediately.
  4. Teams have one 120-second timeout they may use at any time and for any reason while the match is in progress.
    1. The timeout must be requested in chat before any currently active timer expires. Timeouts called after a timer has expired will not be enforced and the match will continue, including the enforcement of delay of game punishments if necessary.
    2. 120 seconds will be added to the end of any current ongoing timer if a timeout is properly requested.

Delay Of Game

  1. A delay of game punishment will be enforced upon teams that are not ready by the time the appropriate match timers are finished.
  2. Match timers will be enforced using the referee's IRC log as a reference. Clear issues with Bancho itself may present an exception to this rule.
  3. First offense:
    1. Written warning.
    2. A short (20s) buffer to get the match started.
    3. Force !mp start 15 should the offending team still not be ready by this point.
  4. Second offense:
    1. If made during a ban, pick, or protect, forfeit of the action. The non-offending team will not receive an additional choice.
    2. If during the ready-up phase, force !mp start 15.
  5. Subsequent offenses:
    1. One additional point awarded to the opponent.
    2. Match will continue as normal, unless the awarded point results in a victory for the opponent.


  1. As this is an international, country-based tournament, very early or late local match times are unavoidable for certain matchups.
  2. All matches will be given a default match time by administration.
  3. Teams will be scheduled on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) by default. It is expected that teams are available on these days throughout the tournament.
  4. Schedules will be provided no later than the Monday before the match weekend.
  5. Qualifiers may not be scheduled past the Monday following the qualifiers weekend at 2:00 UTC, no exceptions.
  6. Teams that do not schedule a qualifier lobby or do not complete a full qualifier lobby in time will be disqualified.
  7. Teams may request any time they want for a Qualifier Lobby during the qualifiers weekend. Our team will be as accommodating as possible.
  8. If a scheduling conflict arises between two countries and cannot be resolved by Friday 23:59 UTC, administration will intervene.
  9. It is the responsibility of each team's captain (not organizer) to request and submit reschedules on time.
  10. The scheduling or rescheduling of Qualifier Lobbies and Matches must be done at least 24 hours before the time you are requesting.
  11. Administration reserves the right to overwrite a default schedule for any reason at any time.
  12. Administration also reserves the right to approve or deny reschedule requests if necessary.
  13. If a team captain fails to respond to a reschedule request in a reasonable amount of time (roughly 24 hours), administration will intervene.
  14. If a team captain requests a totally unreasonable reschedule, it will be denied.
  15. Teams reserve the right to deny reschedule requests, however, in situations where it is clear a team is being unreasonably stubborn to the point of affecting the integrity of the matchup, administration will intervene.
  16. Reschedules must be posted in the appropriate Discord channel with a screenshot showing the agreement of both involved parties.

Freemod Rules

  1. Each team must take at least 4 mods.
  2. At least 1 player must take HR or HDHR.
  3. A single player may not take more than 2 mods.
  4. No Fail (NF) does not count as a mod.
  5. Allowed mods: EZ, HD, HR, FL.

Freemod Multipliers

  1. EZ - 1.75x


StageSRBest ofProtectsBansNMHDHRDTFMTBTotal
Round of 32★6.091253332117
Round of 16★6.291253332117
Grand Finals★7.0131263343120


Please know, these are subject to change and any changes will be announced in the Discord Server.

Player RegistrationsJanuary 22 - February 11, 23:59 UTC
Team Submission DeadlineFebruary 18, 23:59 UTC
Screening BufferFebruary 19 - March 4
Qualifiers ShowcaseMarch 4, TBA UTC
QualifiersMarch 8 - March 10, 23:59 UTC
Round of 32March 16 - March 17
Round of 16March 23 - March 24
QuarterfinalsMarch 30 - March 31
SemifinalsApril 6 - April 7
FinalsApril 13 - April 14
Grand FinalsApril 20 - April 21


The 5WC 2024 prize pool is entirely funded from community donations (that's you!) Show your support here and be gifted a Discord role + custom profile banner that shows your support for a country of your choice!

* Russian and Belarusian players are excluded from winning this prize due to U.S. sanctions. Proxy mail is not allowed. Alternatives such as a cash prize or other digital prize of equivalent value may be provided should an excluded country win the competition.

Unable to ship to the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, Chad, China, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Kuwait, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Martinique, Mayotte, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Russia, Samoa, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Sudan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Yemen